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Which mobile apps have the biggest impact on service providers and consumers? Find the answer in our latest Mobile Application Rankings Report.

Our Mobile Application Rankings Report offers an in-depth look at how leading mobile applications affect service provider networks, consumer data plans and device battery life. Using analysis of actual app usage by more than 15 million mobile subscribers, it reveals how popularity, data volume and signaling consumption converge to determine which apps have the greatest global impact.

Beyond these impact rankings, the report compares the cost and efficiency of the world’s most popular search engine, social media, mail, weather and video apps. It highlights regional differences and offers a watch list of apps that are poised to generate more impact. What’s more, we offer insights and examples that can help service providers and app developers work together to optimize app efficiency and bring superior experiences to consumers.

Don’t let mobile apps catch you by surprise. Download our Mobile Application Rankings to find out how apps impact you and what you can do about it.

The 5 most popular apps are also those with the highest network impact: Google Search, Facebook, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and YouTube.
Comparing the cost of apps that perform similar tasks and have similar goals helps consumers make smarter and more economical app choices.
Facebook reduced the overall signaling load by 5–10% in some networks by optimizing signaling for Android devices.